little victories

  • Aug 2019 – My ‘Tulips’ print advertising MRS at Cornerstone
  • May 2019 – My ‘Garlic’ print advertising Artweeks at Oxford Station
  • April 2019 – My ‘Roses’ print on the St Mary’s Artweeks flyer
  • Feb 2019 – My ‘Garlic’ print in the Artweeks brochure
  • Sept 2018 – Three of my prints in the Oxford Art Book – hooray!
  • April 2018 – ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ on the flyer for Artworks ‘Artists at St Mary’s’
  • Jan 2018 – My ‘Rhubarb’ print featured on the OPC newsletter
  • Oct 2017 – My print of the ‘Grand Cafe’ used on the OPC flyer, and the one of ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ used on the venue poster for the OPC exhibition ‘Lasting Impressions’ at the Cornerstone in Didcot.
  • June 2017 – My ‘Garlic’ print  in the OPC newsletter