Past exhibitions (listed in date order, newest first). For notification of current and future exhibitions please contact me to be added to the mailing list. Thanks.

Oct 2018 – Prints by OPC members that were included in the Oxford Art Book (‘Mini Plant’, ‘Blavatnik Building’ and ‘Deny Wilkinson Building’.

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June 2018 – OPC 40th Anniversary Exhibition in the Cloisters at St John the Evangelist, Oxford (Cows, Radcliffe Camera, Tyrrell, Abersoch, and Quebec St).

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May 2018 – OPC for Oxford Artweeks (‘Paris Sofa’, and ‘Passage Pietons’)

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IMG_7572   IMG_7573   IMG_7574

May 2018 – St Marys for Oxford Artweeks (‘Florence Duomo’, ‘Magdalen Punts’, ‘Malmo Reflections’, ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’, ‘Snap!’, and ‘Rhubarb’)

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Oct 2017 – OPC exhibition at Cornerstone in Didcot (‘Nimes’, ‘Grand Cafe’, and ‘Eiffel Tower’)

IMG_6226   IMG_5742   IMG_6397


Sept 2017 – Oxford Arts Society at St John the Evangelist (‘Nimes’)

IMG_6226   IMG_6339   IMG_6344

May 2017 – OPC Artweeks at Printmakers (‘Peter 3×3’)

IMG_5061   Version 2

April 2017 – OPC annual exhibition at Woodstock (‘Zinc Factory’, ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’, ‘London Eye’ and ‘Malmo Windows’)

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