Diania cactiformis III

Each year the Oxford Natural History Museum puts together a major temporary exhibtion, and in 2019 this looked at the ‘First Animals’ that appeared on earth around 540m years ago. The exhibition displays some remarkable fossils from China and their own collection. In addition the Natural History Museum invited the Oxford Printmakers to produce some prints inspired by the fossils. I therefore produced a set of 4 prints using a fossil called Diania Cactiformis in the style of Andy Warhol. The idea was to fit an image of the fossil (and the rock in which it had sat for half a billion years) in various combinations and colours.

This is the third of this series of 4 (below are the full set)

  • Variable edition of 20
  • Image size approx 220mm x 170mm, paper 500mm x 350mm
  • Priced as a ‘large’ print (see current Prices in the Menu)
  • Printed: May 2019

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