Johnny Depp in Venice

Following a recent course at Print Club on cmyk (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) printing (highly recommended by the way) – I was scouring my photos for something to print, and came across this very blurred photo. I took it in 2010 when we were staying in Venice, and over several days barges kept arriving and unloading furniture, plants and film equipment into the villa opposite. One evening we came back from dinner, and there was a little crowd waiting around, and someone said Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie were arriving to film. A boat arrived, people got out and went into the villa I snapped a few snaps – but it was dark, it was across the canal, and they disappeared very quickly – so the result was this blurred photo of ‘maybe’ Johnny Depp!

CMYK printing involves over-printing the 4 layers (in YMCK order) so that the tiny dots overlap and create every colour – see the stages, and a close up, below.

  • Edition of 6
  • Size: image 265mm x 355mm, paper 350mm x 500mm
  • Priced as a ‘non-standard’ print (see ‘Prices’ in the Menu)
  • Printed: Jan 2020

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