Rhubarb I

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb….. This is from a photo of some fabulous rhubarb I spotted growing at the Oxford Botanical Gardens. So, I did an edition of 25 of the ‘red green’ version for the 20:20 project – hotbedpress – and then did a few more in different colours.

Variable edition of 45

Versions: I red/green (edition of 30), II – grey/green (edition of 5), III – orange/blue (edition of 5), IV – orange/green (edition of 5).

Available: 12 (Red/green 0 (25 went to Hot Bed Press)), Grey/green 3, Orange/blue 4, Orange/green 4

Size: image 160mm x 160mm, paper 200mm x 200mm

Price: £25 framed, £15 unframed.

Printed: 12th and 19th Sept 2017.

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